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  • Insectes

    Galerie Sagot-Legarrec, 10 rue de Buci - 75006 Paris, France
    Tél. 01 43 26 43 38
    du 14 avril au 10 juin 2023

    insectes - exposition Sagot-Legarrec
  • Exposition personnelle

    Lila May, 3 rue Gambetta - 53200 Château-Gontier, France
    du 26 février au 30 avril 2023

    mikio watanabe - exposition chateau gontier
  • Estampes à fleur de peau

    Ouvrage broché avec 2 rabats latéraux
    Format 16 x 24 cm
    96 pages intérieures - quadri recto verso
    Prix de vente public de 20 €

    Estampes à fleur de peau - livre


the Artist

Born in 1954 in Yokohama, Japan.
After completing his studies in Tokyo, leaves Japan from Yokohama harbour in 1977, crosses Siberia and goes to Paris where he settles down to work.
From 1979 to 1981, he learns engraving techniques with S. W. Hayter at the Atelier 17, Paris.
Since 1981, he has dedicated his work to mezzotint.
Settles down in Pierric, Brittany.
In 2001, sets up a studio in Paris.

Personnal exhibitions



Mezzotint was invented by an amateur artist, Ludwig von Siegen, in the 17th century.

By “rocking” the copper plate in different directions, with the implement called “rocker”, the groung is created by incising burrs.This enables the artist to produce a solid, matte surface that prints a velvet black when ink is applied to the plate.

The image is produced by “shaving the burrs” or delicately pushing the ground.The more the ground is pushed the shinier the plate becomes. This is known as burnishing.

Ink is applied on the copper by hand, and then wiped with cheese cloth, printing is done in an etching press.

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& Bibliography

  • First Prize in the Classial Printmaking
    Miniprint Kazanlak

    Bulgaria - 2018

  • Grand Prix
    4th International Mezzotint Festival

    Ekaterinbourg, Russia - 2017

  • Laureat
    3ème Triennale de Gravure en taille douce

    Lisle-Sur-Tarn, France - 2015

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